Upcoming 'Distort​.​Cripple​.​Mutilate​.​Murder'

by Spite

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released July 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Spite WA, Australia


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Track Name: Acetylene Eyeglasses
First year out of high school
walk out head held high
think you've earned a gap-year
fuck around Europe
but no, you're gonna fucking die
and swing around your blow-torched eyes.

Cut and mutilate your organs
feed them to the hungry horses
cunts in suits spend their Euros
on you, bleeding helpless tortured.

Your acetylene eyeglasses.

Fork out their money
to buy horrid torture on a
Western rotten piece of smug-cunt shit.

Almost deceased, they've got their monies-worth
as you're thrown aside
from not quite the trip you'd hoped.

You've tried to run
but your legs broke.

You've tried to hide
but your blood trails.
Track Name: Keelhauled (ft. Z. Andrews of The Coil)
Thrown overboard and left to drown
too good a fate for seaworn men
they'll strap you to the fucking keel
and drag your body bow to stern
you'd better you're not too light
your face and limbs; shark food tonight.

You must've fucked up good,
... like raped the Captain's wife
it could be worse, it could,
... castration don't sound nice.

I am below
hands and feet sinking deep into the dark abyss
my cuts won't bleed
while I am dragged.

An ancient torture to punish the misbehaved
rarely surviving
a death from cuts,
severely maimed.

Entitled to be nothing but keelhauled.